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Missionary Ventures East Africa

Supporting growth and development among indigenous churches

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Statement of Faith
About Us

Missionary Ventures is an international, non-denominational, evangelical Christian organisation that seeks to support the local church and its indigenous leaders wherever we are led.  Our support for the local church is varied, but often involves initial connecting between people through short-term team trips.

Regional history

Missionary Ventures first came to Uganda in 1997 after a series of coincidences that proved to be divinely arranged.


Working with a Church planter in eastern Uganda, who at the time had 20 churches, we enabled him and his leaders to grow to over 300 churches in seven years.  A leaders' practical training course was also created for the task.  Some involvement with pastors in Western Kenya and northern Tanzania also occurred.


We facilitated the construction and development of four schools, dug boreholes, gave away motorcycles and bicycles for the work of evangelism in conjunction with Christian Motorcyclists Association.


Since early 2004 we have concentrated our efforts in western Uganda due to new relationship opportunities and remain strongly involved in evangelism and church planting there, particularly in Ankole districts.

Since 2008 we have had a presence among the Acholi people of the north, particularly in the districts surrounding Kitgum and Pader, with some incursions into Southern Sudan.

In 2009 we began working in the Karimoja region with church planting and leadership support.

Other ministry involvement has included excursions into eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.